Friday, November 27, 2009

Park Avenue Autumn

YUM. My Dad took me out to dinner the night before Thanksgiving to Park Avenue Café - which changes it's name, decor and menu with the seasons. For Autumn, they have a very festive menu, and when I say we ordered everything... it's not a joke. The food was so good I almost considered photographing my meal for this post, but I didn't come up for air while I was eating, and therefore did not take pictures. I could go on and on about all the plates we ordered, but I'll stick to dessert.

We ordered The Chocolate Cube, their signature dessert. It was really good. The hard dark chocolate shell surrounded a fluffy milk chocolate mousse that was flavored with various spices. The chocolate sorbet that it was served with was delicious, very rich and creamy.

Like true Jewish New Yorkers we also ordered the Creme Fraiche Cheesecake with Warm Figs and Red Wine Fig Sorbet. This cheesecake was no Carnegie's but was so good! It was also served with little crepe popsicles that were interesting, and fun to eat, because who's had a mini crepe on a stick before? The red wine sorbet was really interesting too, it tasted exactly like red wine, and went well with the cake. My dad got an extra side of Toasted Almost ice cream, because we clearly didn't have enough, and it was surprisingly my favorite of the three ice creams/sorbets we had!

Look here at their menu so you can drool over both the food and desserts. I definitely want to go back here for "Winter".

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