Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jean Philippe

The Jean Philippe Patisserie in The Aria Hotel was something out of a Food Network Challenge.

Not only was is a sight, but the desserts were amazing!

I bought Butterfinger sticks, which was a bread stick, covered in Butterfinger, covered in chocolate. They're wonderful.

They had a million things to chose from, and everything looked amazing...

Mix at THEhotel

Despite having eaten a ton at this very chic Vegas rooftop restaurant, we ordered the Chocolate/Praline Bush for dessert. It was beautiful!

The outer chocolate leaves contained salted caramel mousse and feuilletine praline that sat on a cookie bottom. It was insanely salty and sweet, almost overwhelming, but very good!

Of course after we ate the dessert we ordered, the chef sent us each a lemon Madeleine right off the baking pan with a cup of warm Nutella... Yum.