Friday, November 27, 2009

Holey Moses

Hoely Moses is the cheesecake I grew up with. It's made in a tiny bakery at the Gabreski Airport in Westhampton, and it is so good! They have a bunch of flavors, and we've tried others, like the Oreo or the Snickers, but honestly the plain Original is the best. I like it because the cheese part is light and fluffy, and the graham cracker bottom is also soft and not overwhelming.

This year we also tried one of their pies, a blueberry one. Generally, I dont love pies. Something about warm fruit kind of grosses me out, especially with apples or pears. I also don't like the fruit to crust ratio... I usually end up scooping out some of the inside. However, if I have some ice cream with the pie, the hot fruit insides (not apples and pears though) is really good with it, and therefore is allowed to stay.

You can see more Holy Moses options here!

Park Avenue Autumn

YUM. My Dad took me out to dinner the night before Thanksgiving to Park Avenue Café - which changes it's name, decor and menu with the seasons. For Autumn, they have a very festive menu, and when I say we ordered everything... it's not a joke. The food was so good I almost considered photographing my meal for this post, but I didn't come up for air while I was eating, and therefore did not take pictures. I could go on and on about all the plates we ordered, but I'll stick to dessert.

We ordered The Chocolate Cube, their signature dessert. It was really good. The hard dark chocolate shell surrounded a fluffy milk chocolate mousse that was flavored with various spices. The chocolate sorbet that it was served with was delicious, very rich and creamy.

Like true Jewish New Yorkers we also ordered the Creme Fraiche Cheesecake with Warm Figs and Red Wine Fig Sorbet. This cheesecake was no Carnegie's but was so good! It was also served with little crepe popsicles that were interesting, and fun to eat, because who's had a mini crepe on a stick before? The red wine sorbet was really interesting too, it tasted exactly like red wine, and went well with the cake. My dad got an extra side of Toasted Almost ice cream, because we clearly didn't have enough, and it was surprisingly my favorite of the three ice creams/sorbets we had!

Look here at their menu so you can drool over both the food and desserts. I definitely want to go back here for "Winter".

Cake Monkey

I found this treat at Cabbage Patch, a relatively healthy, organic, restaurant on south Beverly. They have them at the counter, and as they are wrapped in tin foil, it was a gamble to try, but so glad I did! Cake Monkeys come in several flavors, but I've only tried two: The Black and White, and the Peanut Butter Marshmallow (seen below). Both of these mini cakes were amazing, the Black and White was better, and not photographed...but it was like an Oreo cookie, but with soft chocolate cake and layered with fluffy whipped cream with crunchies inside! I'll have to go back and take a pic of it...

The Peanut Butter Marshmallow was really good too, just not as unique. It needed more chocolate! It reminded me of a box cake, or an Entenmann's, which trust me I love, but wasn't as special as the B&W. The peanut butter marshmallo center was really good, and the vanilla cake was great, but together it was a little dry. If the cake was chocolate it would have been perfect! I found the menu online, there are so many more flavors and other pastries to try!!

Check out the Cake Monkey's Website for flavors.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Famous Cupcakes

The Kardashian cupcake store, Famous Cupcakes, opened close to my house, and although I didn't want to give that family any more attention, I couldn't pass up a new cupcake... They have a lot of flavors which was exciting, and they are surprisingly all natural, organic and drumroll....Kosher!! Random. Despite all that, they were pretty good! I tried vanilla on vanilla, chocolate on chocolate, and red velvet - a standard way to test the quality before we get all fancy with flavors.

The vanilla was great, it was pretty dense, and actually tasted like a coffee cake. There was a secret cinnamon flavor to it which was a nice change from standard vanilla.

This dark chocolate, called "Black Tie", was really good. Not as good as La Provence's chocolate ganache, but still delicious. This was definitely my favorite of the three.

The red velvet was pretty good, but no Sprinkles. I felt the frosting was a little too cheesy tasting, but the cake was great. I love when it's a dark rich red...even though color has nothing to do with it's taste...

Vosges Bon Bons

I had to add these because they are so pretty. Think of them as a glorified Reeces...very glorified. I love the peanut butter inside, it was so thick and creamy! My only complaint is that the sea-salt was a little too much for me...I'm not a salty person, clearly.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Vosges Haut-Chocolate

Vosges is a designer chocolate brand that has really taken flavor mixing to a new level. While their chocolate bars can be found in various stores and cafes, I have only seen two full Vosges stores- one in New York, and one in Las Vegas. The stores sell their truffles, bars, hot chocolate, gelato, and specialty items like you cant imagine.

They also have a bar inside that serves God know what kinds of chocolate drinks.

The truffles are the best! They include so many flavors from curry powder to wasabi to bacon to lavender. The bars mimic the flavors of the truffles, but as imagined the flavors are not as strong due to the change of texture.

Vosges has so many different "collections" of truffles, bars and goodies that it's hard to go into detail, but trust me when I say they are worth their elitist pricing. I recommend looking at their website :