Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Homemade Cake Pops

After having Sweet E's Cake Pop's I was so tempted to try to make my own! I followed Bakerella's recipe and although it was more time consuming than I thought it would be, it was such a fun process. They came out pretty sweet, but the Funfetti flavor still was potent enough under all that candy coating. They are really tasty and so cute!

Here's How You Make Them:

Bake a full cake, I used Pilsbury's Funfetti Mix.

Crumble the entire cake into a bowl and mix in 3/4 a container of frosting (I used the whole thing and think would be better with slightly less). It will turn into a dough like texture.

Roll the cake dough into balls with your hands and place on non stick paper.

Stick the lollipop stick into the ball and dip in the melted candy melts. This needs to be done quickly before the melts harden.

Place the dipped pops back on the non stick paper.

While the outer shell was still wet, I decorated them with candy pearls.

Any type of sprinkles will look good!

I individually wrapped each pop in a mini plastic bag tied with a bow. They make a great gift!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sweet E's Cake Pops

I first saw Cake Pops made by Bakerella, but now I see them popping up everywhere, no pun intended. These are pops from Sweet E's Bake Shop which is currently just a truck roaming around the city, but I heard they are opening a store near by! That is something I am eagerly awaiting, because these things are addicting!

The Red Velvet

The outter shell was made of white chocolate, which threw me off a little since I'm so used to a cream cheese frosting here.

The Sweet E's Truck at Fashion's Night Out

Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Pop and Cookie Dough Cupcake

The Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Pop, my favorite item of theirs, and one of my new favorite desserts of all time. I tend to be more skeptical with chocolate cake when it comes to cupcake like items (usually vanilla is a safer way to go), but this was so moist and rich and you could really see the frosting bits mixed into the cake. I also loved how just the shell was mint flavored so it wasn't too overpowering.

Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin is a new bakery & cafe that popped up in a little strip mall near my house. When I went to try it they only had a limited menu, but I think by now they should have a full breakfast menu available.

However, they had plenty of pastries.

I tried this chocolate almond croissant. The outside was light crispy with flaky almonds and fluffy powdered sugar.

The inside was soft, warm and gooey and tasted equally of almond paste and chocolate. It was great.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Taste of Beverly Hills

Last week Food & Wine Magazine hosted Taste of Beverly Hills to celebrate both the food of the city and the date, 9.02.10. There were hundreds of restaurants and vendors displaying all kinds of pastas, pizzas, meats, breads, cheeses, wines, and desserts!! Think of it as a classy all you can eat buffet - there was so much food it was scary. I don't think I've ever eaten this much in my life.

There was too much food to photograph, so I really kept it to desserts, but I had to share my two favorite savory foods of the night.


Rotolini Pasta with Truffle Oil, My favorite non-dessert dish, I went back for this 3 or 4 times...


Turkey Meatball with Peanut Cole Slaw, It's not on their regular menu but should be, it was so tasty.


Hazelnut chocolate squares, fruit gumdrops, chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate drizzle lollipop with orange gummy fruit.

Chocolate covered Pop Rocks.


Mini chocolate lava cake.


Chocolate mousse with espresso caviar, sea salt brownie, peach custard.


Assorted candies.


Their famous brownies, cubed.


Red velvet cake.


Giant chocolate chip cookie, recipe included.


Hazelnut chocolate with raspberry jam center.


Caffeine free chocolate tea.


Green tea ice cream on a green tea sponge cake with white chocolate mousse.




Marble cake with chocolate buttercream.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Last weekend I ate at Alcove in Silverlake, which is known as a great bruch and lunch spot, but I remember it for it's desserts.

They have an amazing bakery section with massive cakes.

Black and White Mouse Cake - This was insane! The top half was white chocolate mouse that must have had cream cheese in it, it was so light an fluffy and tasted like cheese cake. Below that was a milk chocolate mouse, followed by a chocolate cake bottom. The outside was a dark ganache with white chocolate flakes.

Delilah Bakery

Last Sunday morning I went to Delilah Bakery in Echo Park on the way to the LA Flea Market. The bakery itself was very cute, it reminded me of a doll house. They had a lot of cakes, cupcakes, muffins and scones

I loved how they used this dresser for the milk and straws and held the sugar in the drawers.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin - This was really good, I loved how big the chocolate chips were. Something about it reminded me of Starbucks' reduced fat chocolate chip banana bread, which isn't a bad thing!

If it wasn't 10 am when I went, I would have tried these.. they look so good. I'll just have to go back!