Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Favorite Brownie

While it seems hard to go wrong with a brownie, it happens more than you'd think. Last summer I went on a hunt in NY for the best brownies, and out of all the posh bakeries and restaurants, the one I found to be the best was from a chain pre-made sandwich shop! Pret-A-Manger began in London in 1986 and can now be found all over NY, especially Midtown. This unassuming brownie is so very special that on my recent trip to the city I bought TEN to bring back to LA with me. Not joking, TEN. They are small squares that are so fudgy with a flaky top layer, but it is the actual flavor that is so good. It's almost like a malt taste that reminds me of my childhood. I have yet to find a better brownie!

Baked by Melissa

This was something I randomly stumbled upon while walking in SOHO on Broadway, and I was so excited by these tiny treats! Melissa Bushell has created a line of miniature stuffed cupcakes that were really good! They were extremely moist and I really loved their flavor options- generally anything stuffed with peanut butter works for me! Unfortunately they were sold out of a couple flavors so I tried the three they had - Peanut Butter Cup, S'Mores and Cookie Dough. The only problem is that they are kinda expensive for how small they are - $1.00 each, and while $1.00 isn't much money, you wouldn't - couldn't eat just one! They would be a great dessert to have out at a party, you can pop them like hors d'oeuvres! Check out www.bakedbymelissa.com

I went back here and was able to try the flavors they were sold out of the first time. Tye-Dye is a vanilla on vanilla and is soo cute and yummy. Red Velvet was a great one too! And of course I had to get Peanut Butter Cup again...the best! I could eat 50 of these a day.

Ice Cream!

One of the best things about New York in the summer is all the Ice Cream! While there are hundreds of options, my two favorites are very obvious.

This Ice Cream truck was started in 1956 in West Philadelphia and can be found on almost every corner in NYC during the Summer season. They carry the standard pops that most trucks have, but their own soft serve is the best ever! I always get a chocolate/vanilla swirl in a sugar cone (which many people don't know they have, because the standard cone is the wafer), with rainbow sprinkles on top! Something about this ice cream is unlike anything else, it almost has the flavor of a good whipped cream. IF I had to compare I would say its similar to Carvel soft serve, but its so much better! Go find a truck now.

What started out as a small yogurt spot downstairs in Bloomingdale's in 1975, has become a full restaurant that moved up to the 7th floor and is now extremely popular for more than dessert! Don't be fooled by their low fat/non fat flavors, because the quality of this yogurt is unlike any other "healthy" options out there. It is so thick and creamy you would not believe its a nonfat yogurt. I personally LOVE their coffee and chocolate, but they also offer vanilla and natural flavor as well. They also have a special flavor of the day that has been anything from Wildberry to Peanut Butter. The toppings are pretty standard - granola to Reeces cups, my little sister went for the mini Gummy Bears. Trust me, its worth the long lines!


During my brief trip back to NYC I had to stop at my favorite places to eat. One is even called E.A.T. This Eli Zabar eatery has been one of the Upper East Side's hot spots for 36 years, and without a doubt has some of the best sweet treats (as well as my favorite Matzo Ball soup!) Their brownies have gained a reputation for being the best, and I agree they are VERY good. I can't say they are the BEST, but they are up there. I do, however, love their dark chocolate covered graham crackers that have a thick layer of raspberry jelly inside (similar to jelly rings, but way better). They also make tiny chocolate chip cookies that are very unique. You definitely can't eat just one of these, I end up popping them like potato chips. While E.A.T. is very pricey, its worth trying out!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Great Moment in Chocolate History

An Introduction

One of my best friends discovered a nickname for me based on my eating habits.  She so lovingly calls me "Roller Pig", taken from a line in There's Something About Mary.  It is a name that I have not only embraced but also encourage in others.  I'm addicted to dessert. It's a physical chemical addiction - this is no joke.  For anyone who knows what it feels like to have to eat the whole thing, or finish off the box, you understand.  You can't eat just one.  Therefore, if I'm going to live this way, I won't accept anything less than amazing. I encourage everyone to let out their inner Roller Pig and enjoy the tasty treats in life.
Here's to the search for the best!