Monday, January 5, 2015

Japanese Cookies

Everything in Japan has a face.  Thats a fact, and probably why I love it all.  I walked into a small convenience store and was in awe of the hundreds of different cookie and candy packages in every shape and color.  These little panda cookies were my favorite!  They're made of pretzel, butterscotch, and white and milk chocolate.  I love how they each have a different expression, so cute!

@Home Cafe, Tokyo

While in Tokyo I went to @Home Cafe, a Maid Cafe in Akiharaba and it was the most unusual experience.  All the waitresses are dressed as maids, call the guests "master", kneel to take the food orders, and draw faces on EVERYTHING! 
I ordered these pancakes because it looks like my dog Lucy, it was so cute and really tasty!  I think I slipped into a sugar coma this afternoon.