Friday, August 28, 2009

Rainbow Cookies

Since I was little, rainbow cookies have always been one of my favorite treats! In NY, almost every deli sells them, but its hard to find a really good one. I got these from a deli near my house and they are actually really good, but the best one's I've had are still from the Quogue Market in Long Island. They can go wrong and taste cheap if made with bad chocolate, but when you find a good one, they are amazing! Something about the cake with jelly and chocolate makes for a perfect combination. Anyone know where to find a good Rainbow Cookie in LA? The hunt is on!

Shake Shack Shakes

You should know already that Shake Shake is the best obviously their shakes would reflect the same quality of delight. Shake Shack, now with two locations in Manhattan, has an amazing selection of shakes and desserts, but there's a secret to them. They are made of custard! This makes them richer and thicker and better! The menu offers too many options to even go into, which is sometimes overwhelming when waiting in line. I usually go for the classic chocolate shake, and it's become my favorite one yet! Check out the menu here