Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Apple Bacon Caramel Pie

Some friends hosted a Pie Contest so I frantically tried to think of something fun to make that could maybe stand out.  I have only made a few pies in my life so I am not that well versed in the field.  This "ABC Pie" is not the one I submitted, but should have.  There were NO Apple Pies in the running!  I went with a Triple Cookie Pie, which was good, but this was better.

This was the first time I've ever candied Bacon, I'll never go back.

Bourbon Soaked Apples, Bacon, Caramel Sauce and Cinnamon.

It turned out really well, a great twist to a classic Apple Pie.

I used my extra Pillsbury Pie Crust to make Pie Pops.  They looked cute but it's hard to get the filling to crust ratio even.

Highlights from the Pie Contest.

There were so many various types of pies: fruits, meats, vegetables, creams and even a cow pie.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tate's Ice Cream Sandwich

While in Southampton I had to stop in Tate's bakery and grab a fresh bag of my all time favorite cookies.

While there I discovered some new treats - ice cream and ice cream sandwiches!

The sandwich was amazing! The cookies were super fresh and a little gooey, which is unusual since the cookies are usually crisp.  It was so flavorful and super refreshing on this 90 degree day.

While I was roaming around the bakery I caught a glimpse of Kathleen King, the creator of Tate's.  I panicked and instantly chased her around the cookie table to introduce myself.  She was so sweet, exactly how I imagined her to be.  My hero.

Big Gay Ice Cream

I have been following the Big Gay Ice Cream truck on Twitter for a while so I was super excited when I actually made it down to their store.

Everyone who knows me knows that Mister Softee is my absolute favorite soft serve of all time.  BREAKING NEWS: This might have replaced it. 

I ordered a Salty Pimp which was freshly made in front of me with vanilla soft serve, dulce de leche sauce, sea salt, chocolate shell... AND...

... a NUTELLA filled cone.  Perfectly perfect in every way.

Ladurée Sorbet & Macarons

I can't stay away.  I can't help but LOVE Ladurée and everything inside.

Since New York was sweltering hot, I decided to try their strawberry sorbet topped with a strawberry macaron.  It was very good, but not sure it's worth $9.  Fruity and refreshing but not much different than any other Madison Ave sorbet.

Of course I had to get a box of 6 in the special 150th anniversary rounded package.  Coconut, pistachio, salted caramel, vanilla, chocolate and raspberry.