Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Apple Bacon Caramel Pie

Some friends hosted a Pie Contest so I frantically tried to think of something fun to make that could maybe stand out.  I have only made a few pies in my life so I am not that well versed in the field.  This "ABC Pie" is not the one I submitted, but should have.  There were NO Apple Pies in the running!  I went with a Triple Cookie Pie, which was good, but this was better.

This was the first time I've ever candied Bacon, I'll never go back.

Bourbon Soaked Apples, Bacon, Caramel Sauce and Cinnamon.

It turned out really well, a great twist to a classic Apple Pie.

I used my extra Pillsbury Pie Crust to make Pie Pops.  They looked cute but it's hard to get the filling to crust ratio even.

Highlights from the Pie Contest.

There were so many various types of pies: fruits, meats, vegetables, creams and even a cow pie.

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