Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Homemade Circus Animal Cookie Balls

I made these for a friend's birthday this weekend since she has a history of loving Circus Animal Cookies. They were super easy to make, very similar to the Oreo Balls or Cake Pops

First I threw 3/4 of the cookies into a food processor until they were very finely chopped.  I added about half a brick of cream cheese and mixed that until it was dough-like.  Then I rolled them into evenly sized balls and stuck them in the fridge for about an hour.

Using pink candy melts, I fully covered each ball and topped them with matching nonpareils. 

I used the remaining cookies as a garnish.

I put everything in this cute jar which gave it a very rustic homemade look. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Deluca's Coppa Stracciatella

I recently stopped in to Deluca's in Glendale and was instantly mesmerized by their desserts. I had never had a Coppa Stracciatella before so I wasn't sure what to expect - I was greatly surprised. 

This frozen dessert was like a fancy ice cream sundae.  The vanilla cream was cold but not solid like ice cream, it was an amazing consistency.  The bottom layer was a thick chocolate sauce, and the top layer was coco powder and praline hazelnuts.  Overall it was incredible, smooth and crunch always wins!

Via Quadronno's Tiramisu

This Tiramisu needs no introduction as it is the signature dessert at Via Quadronno in New York.  I love all the food here from the panini's to the pasta, but without fail, lunch or dinner, the Tiramisu calls.  It's perfectly fluffy, creamy and sweet.  There's no real way to describe it other than amazing. 

The Hurricane Club

The Chocolate Kill - Devil's Food Cake is the signature dessert at The Hurricane Club in New York.  It was so delicious!  It reminded me of a Hostess pastry, the chocolate cake was light and fluffy centered with sweet cream filling.  The ganache outer layer was dark and thick.  The best part was the flambĂ© ed banana on the side, I wish there was more than one on the plate!

Little Buddha

The desserts at Little Buddah in Las Vegas were all amazing! This chocolate lava cake was perfect, warm, dark and oozing with filling.

This was their twist on bananas foster, which was incredible.  Anything deep fried is always that much better.  The spring roll design was a great touch.