Tuesday, June 30, 2009


During my brief trip back to NYC I had to stop at my favorite places to eat. One is even called E.A.T. This Eli Zabar eatery has been one of the Upper East Side's hot spots for 36 years, and without a doubt has some of the best sweet treats (as well as my favorite Matzo Ball soup!) Their brownies have gained a reputation for being the best, and I agree they are VERY good. I can't say they are the BEST, but they are up there. I do, however, love their dark chocolate covered graham crackers that have a thick layer of raspberry jelly inside (similar to jelly rings, but way better). They also make tiny chocolate chip cookies that are very unique. You definitely can't eat just one of these, I end up popping them like potato chips. While E.A.T. is very pricey, its worth trying out!

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