Sunday, November 22, 2009

Famous Cupcakes

The Kardashian cupcake store, Famous Cupcakes, opened close to my house, and although I didn't want to give that family any more attention, I couldn't pass up a new cupcake... They have a lot of flavors which was exciting, and they are surprisingly all natural, organic and drumroll....Kosher!! Random. Despite all that, they were pretty good! I tried vanilla on vanilla, chocolate on chocolate, and red velvet - a standard way to test the quality before we get all fancy with flavors.

The vanilla was great, it was pretty dense, and actually tasted like a coffee cake. There was a secret cinnamon flavor to it which was a nice change from standard vanilla.

This dark chocolate, called "Black Tie", was really good. Not as good as La Provence's chocolate ganache, but still delicious. This was definitely my favorite of the three.

The red velvet was pretty good, but no Sprinkles. I felt the frosting was a little too cheesy tasting, but the cake was great. I love when it's a dark rich red...even though color has nothing to do with it's taste...

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