Monday, June 28, 2010

The Plaza Food Hall by Todd English

I don't know where to start, and have too much to say about this, so I'll leave it to the photos, but this new Food Hall by Todd English may have just saved The Plaza. I was beyond impressed and excited upon seeing this, and so sad I no longer live upstairs. Not only is there an amazing bakery section with goodies such as cakes, chocolates, and macaroons, but there is a cheese section, a pizza bar, a sushi bar, a dumpling bar among many other sections. It is incredible!

(Click On The Pictures To See Full Size)

Seafood Bar

Fresh Produce

Wine Bar

Cheese Bar

Pizza Bar

Dessert Bar

Curly Cakes Cupcakes

Todd English Chocolate Bars

Candy Bar


Pantry of Goods

My real live Eloise, and tour guide, Chloe

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  1. yum, that cheese bar looks amazing!

    just so you're not offended, i wanted to let you know that i removed the link to your blog since my facebook fan page is exclusively for topics relating to my blog.