Sunday, December 6, 2009

Paulette Macarons

These are so pretty! Sarah found this place, right near our house. I've always loved French Macarons, but have never seen a whole store dedicated to them.

This was great, there are so many flavors, and interesting ones I've never seen in a macaron before! They had the typical Raspberry, Chocolate, Lemon, Coconut, as well as new flavors like Praline, Earl Grey, Columbian Coffee, Pumpkin and Passion Fruit!

I tried the praline and the passionfruit. They were both amazing. The first thing I noticed about them is that they were so soft, which I loved because I feel like sometimes macaroons can be hard and dry, which mutes the flavor. These were so flavorful, especially the passion fruit. I am obsessed with the this one - it was unreal! So juicy and sweet. I even loved it more than the praline, which says a lot, because praline aka Nutella is my favorite thing in the world.

Although they are kind of pricey, they are really great, and pretty unique. This would make a great gift, and the gift boxes are very cute! Here's her website, check it: Paulette Macarons

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  1. Farquad! That looks amazing. I'll have to go there when I return home...