Friday, November 16, 2012

Sweet! Candy Store

This week I went to Sweet! a candy store in the mall on Hollywood & Highland. It was MASSIVE! It felt like an emporium of treats and toys. I spent a good three hours in there looking around, there were probably ten different rooms to see, it was never-ending.  However, I didn't feel as charmed by it like you do when you walk into Dylan's.  The music, the lighting and the whole vibe was just dull. It was also worrisome how overstocked they are will ALL types of candy. There was everything from nostalgia candy, international treats, strange variations on classic favorites,  they even had rows and rows of regular Snickers.  I hope they sell enough of everything before they go stale.  They still had a lot of kinks to work out, but I do see a lot of potential! 

They had tons of different candy to pick yourself, but all the good stuff was behind the counter so they have to scoop it out for you.  I didn't like that you can't do this yourself, that's the exciting part. However, they did let me sample almost everything, so that was a perk. 

Jelly Belly Marilyn

They had lots of classic cookie jars, like Rosie

Chocolate Oscars

The largest gum ball machine I've ever seen

Chocolate Shoes

Sweet! houses the only Wonka store in the US

There were several artisan collections of chocolates that were all so beautiful. I tried six different flavors, some were good some were very strange. At this high price of $3 - $5 each, I would say skip this and buy the novelty items, like the Golden Egg!

A real chocolate Golden Egg!
Snozzberry Fudge - tastes JUST like Snozzberry

The Yucky Room 

I died

This was the best part of the whole store, and the real reason to go back.  Build your own chocloate bar at the Chocolate Lab.

I chose a dark chocolate bar, Nutella filling, glazed walnuts, graham crackers and toffee bits.  It was INSANE.  The quality of all the ingredients was really impressive.  I'd pay $8 for this one bar again in a heartbeat!

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