Monday, July 19, 2010

Magnolia Bakery, LA

It finally opened! I'm not the biggest Magnolia fan ever, but I was excited for this to come to LA. I like Magnolia, it's very charming, I just think Sprinkles cupcakes are much better. Magnolia, however, does have something no one else has: the best banana pudding ever!! I picked out a few things to try, which were all good, but the pudding outshines the rest.

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The inside of the bakery resembled the NY locations, especially with the long lines, but was larger and more industrial. It's very cute, but no where to sit!

Banana Chocolate cupcake, the special of the day.

Chocolate Brownie

Banana Pudding, a whipped banana cream with chunks of banana and cake.

"The Fat Kid Bite"

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  1. 4 desserts, nice! You weren't messing around.

    - Dirtbread