Thursday, October 22, 2009

Desert Desserts

While in Las Vegas last weekend I came across a few amazing desserts...

This is Tao's famous Fortune Cookie which is stuffed with vanilla mousse on one side and chocolate mousse on the other. Its really good, especially the chocolate side! The vanilla side was good, similar to a whipped cream, but pretty bland. The chocolate mousse was very dense and flavorful. The cookie itself was great too, not like a stale Chinese food one. It was crispy and tasty as it was dipped in dark chocolate with white chocolate sprinkles. Best part: sleezy fortunes inside for everyone!

I could not believe that this spread of desserts was available for breakfast! Although I don't usually crave sweets in the morning, I had to try some of these because they looked too good to miss, and since they were all in such small portions, I had to try a few....

My favorite was the Chocolate Pie. It was amazing! It reminded me of this chocolate fudge cake Pitzer cafeteria would serve, and I would binge eat. It was very dense had a rich dark chocolate flavor. It kind of tasted like eating frosting out of the container...but really really good frosting.

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