Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chocolate Cake

I went to Urth Café in Beverly Hills for dinner and could not walk past the dessert case without trying something. Of course the chocolate cake was calling to me, so I got a slice. And by slice, I mean they gave me two large pieces sitting on top of each other. It's a really good cake - not to be confused with their flowerless, eggless, vegan, low sugar chocolate cake - ew. This is full on sugar. The cake part itself, as you can see by the various shades of brown, was made up of three different layers. The middle was more moist than the top and bottom, and was more like a standard box cake, yum. The bottom layer, a little more dense is like a chocolate pound cake. The icing in between and on top is a very sweet milk chocolate, which is nice mixed with the dark chocolate frosting that sealed the outside. I'm very pleased with this cake. However, its so intense I could only eat half of the one slice. It's better that way- more for later!

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