Thursday, July 30, 2009

La Provence

My friend's mom took me out to dinner tonight to this great little cafe near my house that I would have never come across on my own. La Provence is a tiny patisserie/cafe in a shopping complex on Olympic and Lapeer. The shabby chic decor of the place perfectly suits the elaborate, dainty desserts that temptingly sit in the glass display case.

I chose three of the many rainbow variety of Macarons: Rose, Violet and Pistachio (the prettiest colors!) They are standard French Macarons, rich in flavor, crispy wafer exterior with a gooey creme center. A great little treat.

I then knew I had to taste a chocolate, and after seeing the chocolate cupcake, I immediately knew it was what I needed. It was unreal. An insanely dense, rich cupcake that was not over the top sweet. The icing was amazing, like it was made out of designer chocolate. The cake was super moist and complimented the thick ganashe icing perfectly.

They also had an amazing collection of cakes, croissants, cookies, muffins and giant cupcakes which I must have for my birthday. They don't allow photography inside the store, so I'll just have to buy more and bring them home! This secret spot is worth a trip over to the strip mall - the panini's are great too! I hear its great for breakfast (despite the line).


  1. looks tasty, yay for anonymous commenting!

  2. I took a sneaky photo of the giant cupcake once and got in trouble!