Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Everyone loves a chocolate chip cookie, but there are so many different ways to make one, its hard to say what's best, crunchy or chewy? Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite cookie is Tate's Chocolate Chip - made in Southampton, NY, and packaged locally (the ones shipped around US are not as fresh aka not the same). I can't even explain them they are so unique, so go look for them yourself and try it out...will be like a treasure hunt. www.tatesbakeshop.com

For freshly made bakery cookies, here are my two favorites...so far! They are both so different in looks, taste and texture, but are both so amazing.

This cookie is flat and looks wrinkly, as if it was poured from a liquid and hardened. The dark chocolate used is rich and chunky and melts well into the cookie, which is amazingly soft on the inside and perfectly crisp on the outside. The ends of the crust almost look and tastes like caramel (although it is not) - there is some sort of melted sugary secret that holds it all together. Its a great after lunch cookie! www.clementineonline.com

This cookie is to die for. When you walk into Levain you are overwhelmed with hot gooey cookie smell, and see loads of cookie dough on trays that you want to leap into.. or at least I do. While this cookie is best when right out of the oven, it was recently brought to me in LA from NY and it was still the best thing I've ever tasted. First of all its huge, usually I can only handle half at a time, which says a lot. Its a lumpy cookie with rich chocolate chips and walnuts which ads a great crunch. Something about the way the cookies crumbles allows it to lump together like cookie dough, so if you like eating that you'll love this. Like I said, it's to die for. www.levainbakery.com

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  1. 1. eat Levain with a fork! 2. the chocolate is still mysteriously melty even if you bought it hours ago. It is so dense, rich and incredible.

    How come Subway cookies didnt get the shout out?

    If you want to take chocolate cookies to another level go to B.J.'s in westwood and order the Pazookie! (across the street, diddy reese ice cream cookie sandwiches are great too)