Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ladurée in New York!

I never thought this day would come! Finally, the world's best French macarons have landed on American soil, right on 70th and Madison. This Ladurée location shares the same decor as those in Paris, which fits in perfectly on the Upper East Side.

{Click Images to Enlarge}

Although there was a line, I had so much to look at in the store beyond the realm of sweets.

The most beautiful boxes.

Various Animal Chocolates.

Macaron Scented Candles.

And finally, the Macarons!

Although I bought several boxes on this day, here is my cute pink box of six.

Blackcurrant & Violet



Orange Blossom

Strawberry & Mint


I'm madly in love with this store, and can't wait to go back...


  1. just went there today! my first Laudree experience was in Milan but i'm so glad Laudree came to NY! What's your favorite flavor?

  2. I honestly think vanilla is the best!! :)